05 March 2013

A slew of murdered teenagers...

...right in their own bailiwick and the Toronto "Red" Star reaches back three years to publish heart-wrenching "Man bites Dog" (complete with cutesy pictures) allegations.

Of course, there's just one small fly in the ointment...

The Niagara Falls Regional Police told the Star the allegations were “unsubstantiated.”
A parting observation... while professing shock & outrage, the Star knows all too well the legalities involved here...
"The intention of the decades-old Livestock, Poultry and Honeybee Protection Act is to protect livestock from harm by stray dogs," Coghill said.
Okay, there's the gotcha... Marineland isn't a farm, they don't have any livesto... wait a minute...
some animals are more equal...The law itself is pretty straightforward...
"They don't even have to be in the act of attacking. A dog can actually worry cattle, sheep or poultry to death."
P.S. -- those last 2 quotes are courtesy of, surprise, surprise... the sanctimonious Toronto Star.

Wake up, folks... and smell the manipulation.


VIA SDA: The writing is on the wall

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Locals in his native reserve of Lac-Simon, Que., about 150 km north of Montreal, saw him stumbling along the streets the night he died, but they did nothing.

On Dec, 17, 2010, Papatie drank for 24 hours straight; local kids found his half-naked body in the snow, his neck and chest devoured by stray dogs.

Lise Bastien, head of the First Nation Education Council, said she's not surprised no one tried to help Papatie that night.

"Locals said that Papatie was drunk that night like he often was," she said. "It's very sad, but in poor areas, violence is normalized because we have been living it for several generations."
Did the Toronto Star miss this story?


Thucydides said...

"Toronto Star to cut jobs citing declines in ad revenue"

Well, lets help out by telling the remaining advertisers we will not avail ourselves of their goods or services so long as they continue to buy space in the Star.

Of course we can help even more by letting advertisers know we appreciate their support of the SUN and National Post.

Just saying....