28 June 2012

You can almost smell the rehabilitation

I dunno about Social Studies, but I betcha he just blazes through his Electrical & Metal Shop classes...
boom boom room
"By the end of the second visit, he was mastering the techniques of essay writing (on the Hunger Games novels) and learning to analyze the poetry of John Donne."
And what's a typical, well-rounded Canadian student without the maple-syrupy equivalent of "The Waltons"...
"To provide some breaks from serious studying, Zinck also sent down episodes of CBC television comedy Little Mosque on the Prairie for Khadr to watch."
Yessirree... a little poetry and a dose of CBC's finest social engineering... I'm sure this'll be a seamless transition.


UPDATE: Teacher's (heavy) Pet(ting)
"Your letters are like candles very bright in my hardship and darkness," Khadr wrote to Arlette Zinck, an English professor and dean of arts at the Edmonton school, from his cell in January 2009.
I guess it was a dark & stormy night.


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