05 June 2012

More Root Causes

Or, call me crazy... they could just stay away from that whole dealing drugs thing...
Since 2006, at least 30 Somali-Canadian men have died in Alberta, with about half of the victims killed in Edmonton. All but a handful of those cases have gone unsolved. Local community leaders point to that as evidence more needs to be done in Edmonton.

Bashir said Edmonton police must do more to connect with the city’s Somali community.
Yeah... let's blame the police.


UPDATE: Funny how the cops insist...

...this thing is not gang-related...
Mr. Husbands, Mr. Hassan and the third man were all affiliated with the Sic Thugs gang, according to a person familiar with the public-housing complex – Canada’s oldest, and in the throes of a major facelift. Comprising roughly 30 members and associates, including some aspiring rappers, the Sic Thugs were formed about three years ago, and grew out of the older Point Blank gang.

LAST WORD: More media math...
At a press conference, Acting Deputy Chief Jeff McGuire thanked the “heroes” in the food court that day who stayed behind to help the injured,

He also said Toronto remains a safe city despite the fact shootings are up nearly 45% from this time last year.