09 June 2012

Gives a whole new meaning...

...to the phrase "shop 'til you drop"...
"Police flooded Kensington Market Saturday afternoon, taking down at least two people at gunpoint only a day after the arrest of a man suspected of a stabbing in the downtown neighbourhood."

"Bystanders said a running altercation started in Bellevue Square Park over a drug deal and then moved through the crowded market. At least one of the four men involved brandished a knife and his target at one point ran into an army surplus store, reportedly looking for a weapon with which to defend himself."
The Eaton Center. Kensington Market. Two areas in Toronto frequently paired with the words "vibrant" & "tourist."

Probably less so now, as the bodies start to drop. Don't say you haven't been warned.


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"Media obfuscation may still work in the court of public opinion -- it got Obama elected in 2008 -- but it will not work in a court of law. The truth will out. When it does, the major media will lose a good chunk of whatever credibility they have left."