20 June 2012

Another leftwing cultural icon...

...goes on an unscheduled road trip...
The founder of the whistle–blowing website, who was due to be extradited in just nine days, entered the building in Knightsbridge and requested asylum under the United Nations Human Rights Declaration.

The Swedish authorities want him to answer accusations of raping a woman and sexually molesting and coercing another in Stockholm in August 2010 while on a visit to give a lecture.
Yeah... I mean there's no way Assange could possibly get a fair trial in that infamous hotbed of unapologetic conservativism... Sweden.


UPDATE: Just ask Leon Trotsky

Funny how often "old comrades" screw each other over...
"The asylum bid took many Assange supporters by surprise — including some of those who put up 200,000 pounds ($315,000) to guarantee his bail. Assange’s high-profile guarantors include “Fahrenheit 911” director Michael Moore, human rights activist Jemima Khan and British filmmaker Ken Loach."