13 March 2012

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh

The sound of mind-boggling butchery...

"At some point the slaughter of birds and bats by taxpayer-subsidized wind turbines is going to trigger serious legal action. ... If the full force of the Migratory Bird Treaty and the Endangered Species Act were brought to bear on these unsightly killing machines, investors would turn their backs on this artificial industry in a heartbeat."
(via sda)


Anonymous said...

Only problem is more birds are killed by flying into buildings, especially the ones that are lit at night.

Funny how wind turbines are so "unsightly", while strip mining thousands of square miles of Alberta until it looks like the moon is no problem at all.

Anonymous said...

I live in a rural area and my neighbor across the river has apparently given permission to the government to put a windmill up (which is weird because he's a conservative). But there are thousands of geese and swans that fly by during migration, and there are hundreds of local geese as well as many other birds that are 'species at risk' and 'species of concern' that move up and down the river for feeding, resting, breeding, etc. The windmill is going to endanger that.

Anyways, just commenting so that people know this is a real issue that affects real people and will really have a negative impact on wildlife. Nevermind the stupid economics of it.

Anonymous said...

McGuinty just doesn't get it, the Carbon Footprint produce to make these Turbines and ship them here by Diesel boats,Trains and Trucks that spew toxic soot over the 8000+ miles..... is far greater in multiples that the CO2 McGuinty thinks it will remove from canada.
That GREEN fridge you just bought from Samsung that save $3.00 a month had just travelled either 4000 miles form Mexico or 6000 miles to Toronto and may have caused some deaths for the slave-labour peons in Plants that don't meet Western Standards for Pollution controls.
Even the Pet Foods for the smug elite Liberal leftists in the Arts Community with fashionable dogs and cats don't care that it came form nations where the people starve because the Governments forces the Fishing Industry to sell its catch as Exports for the trade Income and to hell witgh the locals whom wish they had cat food to eat instaed of starving.

Here's one big Scam, some of those huge Turbines have sensitive Bearings for the Verticle Loads so the Turbines can NOT be stopped for very only periods.
Thus, there is a battery back-up motor that turns the Blades when there is NO wind , plus...during high winds the baldes are angled to NOT turn because at hig-speeds the blades flag and the Turbine unit shakes to death and implodes
like a Chopper that threw a Blade and gyrates into a mess from the torque twisted it like a pretzel.

McLiar hasn't a clue what he's doing and now we have the ORNGE scandal to add to Smithermens $$$$$billion dollars babies for tossing our tax dollars into the furnace of corruption.

jwkozak91 said...

Nonny bleats: "strip mining thousands of square miles of Alberta until it looks like the moon"

He/she/it is obviously one of the eastern bastards who don't live here. Please back up the "thousands of square miles" bit, please - without hyperlinking Greenpeace, 'mkay?

He/she/it also obviously changes the channel when the CAPP ads proclaim the government-mandated reclamation of "tar sands" pits.

FYI: According to National Geographic, the area around the Fort McKay reserve used to reek of oil during +30c summer days in the '50s. And the hardy spruce don't grow in one inch soil on top of oil.

PS.: How's the landscape downwind of the Sudbury nickel smelter lookin' these days?

Neo Conservative said...

"jwkozak91 says... Please back up the "thousands of square miles" bit, please"

i wouldn't even bother responding to this nonny-sense... our troll buddy isn't interested in facts... he simply wants to jam up the comment threads.

funny how the lunatic left can simply ignore the fact that the oil sands are propping up the country's economy... just like they ignore dalton mcslippery's multiple broken promises to shut down the coal-fired generating plants here in ontario.