06 March 2012

Risky Business

When's the last time you really put it all out there?

What is 10 micromorts equivalent to in regular life?

Well, it is about the risk of death, from any cause at all, of an average 30-year-old man in 4 days of their normal life, or about 1 day for a 50-year-old.

It is also roughly equivalent to the risk in the UK of a 60-mile (96km) motorbike ride, or 2,500 miles (4,000km) in a car, or having a general anaesthetic.

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There is no climber alive whom Honnold admires more. Yet Caldwell echoes Anker's conservatism. "I've never tried to free-solo anything really grand," he says. "I've fallen completely unexpectedly lots of times - maybe a dozen - on relatively easy terrain, when a hold broke off or the rubber peeled off the sole of my shoe or something."

"If I'd been soloing, I'd have died."