27 March 2012

Wait a minute... I seem to remember...

...what happened the last time the Dippers were yankin' on the levers of political power...from the folks who brought you rae daysTwo words, campers... RAE DAYS.


maryT said...

It would be nice if Ontario voters were told how many of their mfging jobs were due to our oilsands. If mulcair keeps this up a lot of those jobs could go south. Other places make the equipment needed in the oilsands. And why should we care, Ont will vote ndpq/lib anyway.

Neo Conservative said...

"maryt says... mulcair keeps this up a lot of those jobs could go south"

well, maryt... i think you're overestimating the influence of the ndp in general & mulcair in particular. the numbers all show a post-jacko ndp trending back down to pre-election levels of support.

and the fact that ultimate fiberal backroom boy john rae managed to sneak his brother bob into a position of influence within the liberal party of canada speaks amply to their continuing political aphasia.

i think the left would do well to remember that the orange wave in la belle province was due mostly to quebeckers perennial desire to stick a thumb in stephen harper's eye... which entailed electing mps who neither lived in their ridings... or even spoke french.

trust me, that note will come due shortly.


Pissedoff said...

MaryT, until AB has had its election I wouldn't shout about Ontario voters, we don't all vote lefty. Also looking at the type of PC you lot have been voting in for years doesn't give you anything to shout about.