12 March 2012

Coyne of the realm... a short thesis

Compare this to the inarticulate, hyper-partisan argle-bargle spewing out the piehole of your average "Honourable Member"...

"What I believe in are a set of principles having to do with the freedom of the individual, the usefulness but not infallibility of markets, and the legitimate but limited role of the state."

"So before you ask, where is conservatism going, perhaps it would be better to ask: where has it gone?"
Lucid, coherent, principled.

We, as Canadians, desperately need more of this.

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Ted Betts said...

Totally agreed.

And yet look at the screeches and attacks and "Liberal in wolf's clothing" criticisms the "messenger" got in a desperate attempt by erstwhile conservatives to avoid having to consider his message.

There are ordinary people and there are partisans, and never the two shall mix, it seems.

Neo Conservative said...

"ted jumps in... a desperate attempt by erstwhile conservatives"

yeah... those damn partisans, huh?


JohnR said...

Betts don't sully this place. Go back to the cesspools over at the Star and Slop and Pail

Ted Betts said...

What, John? Now it's offensive to agree with the host on something?

I usually disagree with our host so I thought it proper to note a moment in time when I agreed with him.

I guess I just can't keep up with you conservatives and what is offensive and what is the latest whine.

Jan said...

I am wondering why Andrew Coyne chose to critique the present day Conservatives -- especially since he voted Liberal in the last election.
Too much of a credibility gap for me.

Neo Conservative said...

well, jan... i happen to think coyne makes a few good points.

stephen harper has, whether you agree with him or not... watered down conservative principles to appeal to a broader demographic.

that's a real world calculation... there's a certain amount of pandering involved in attracting votes. look what happened to preston manning when he stuck to his guns.

it's sort of like all the federal party leaders putting on orange do-rags when they show up at sikh events. it means absolutely nothing... but it makes the audience feel like they're being respected somehow.

obviously the conservatives would like to see their numbers go up in the next election. a certain amount of pandering & leaning towards the mushy middle is a safe strategy.

you just have to let loose of your principles a touch.

that's what coyne is saying.