15 June 2009

"Don't let the screen door..."

"...hit you, on your way out..."



So, I'm guessing the question of the day will be... "Should anononymous or... more to the point... pseudonymous bloggers be outed?"

As someone who has been writing under a pseudonym for the better part of the last three years, I obviously have a dog in this fight.

The truth is, if I were outed tomorrow, it would likely only make me more popular in this particular neck of the woods. Sure, a few of the octogenarian church ladies... to the extent that they think about me at all, might be a little upset by my atheism, or my unwillingness to genuflect at the altar of political correctness.

The simple truth is though... folks out here aren't especially sympathetic to crime, or substance abuse... or the costly "social engineering" that these behaviours engender.

What I attempt to do here is take current events from media sources and hold them up to the light of day. I don't make stuff up. To the extent that I editorialise, I express my surprise... my utter disbelief... that so many folks are willing to bury their heads in the sand, er... their 52 inch high def wide screen theatre sytems... instead of taking notice of the world falling down around them.

On the other hand... what to make of... and I use the word loosely... a man who constantly refers to women as "the dumb cuntitude"... who speaks of the Prime Minister being "bought off by the Jooos"... and most egregiously, tells the mother of a slain Canadian soldier, "Fuck you and you grief."

I speak, of course, of the infamous Canadian Cynic... or, as he's known around here... "Canadian Cesspool."

It's funny, the Cynic tries to go for a "don't blame poor Neo, for he knows not what he does" effect here. Of course he also then calls me "a despicable racist."

Meanwhile... as many Blogging Tories are aware, the Cesspool has been running around Conservative websites forging comments under my name.

Suffice it to say... we all know what this guy is really about. Misogyny, anti-semitism... and the mouth of a sewer rat.

My sin here, apparently, was not to actually out his disgusting carcass... merely to point to those who did.

My final feeling on this... you say it, you dumbstick... you have to wear it.


UPDATE: For better service, please take a number
"Not to mention Cynic's numerous allegations that I support the murder of abortion clinic doctors."

"I served him with libel notice today. He's going to have a busy few days, I think."

FROM THE COMMENTS: Yup... more forged comments...

It's how the lefties roll...
You have learned well, Grasshopper... I'm sure CC and Zorpheus will be very proud of you.

And another round of forged comments.

Thank goodness CC and his little winged monkeys are taking the high road...
I'd hate to see what happened if they got down & dirty.