09 January 2007

Little Humour on the CBC

With all the -- and I am truly sick of the word -- buzz... about Little Mosque on the Prairie, I sat down in front of the television with my wife and son with mixed expectations...

It took only six minutes for my wife to get up and leave the room. She told me afterwards, she found the show "tedious and embarrassing." I would have followed her at that moment, but felt if I was going to post about the show... I had to grimace and bear it.

The characters, all and sundry, were shallow stereotypes that put me in mind of that old television gem "Hee-Haw"... which I caught pieces of as a child -- infantile verbal slapstick dressed up as comedy.

On the bright side, my pre-adolescent son laughed along with the bumbling, awkward characters as they over-acted every single scene.

So I think the CBC may have a hit on their hands here, if they slot it in as after-school filler for the "pre-teen, underarm-farts are hilarious" demographic.

And that's the nicest thing I can say.

UPDATE: Lotta people watched the Titanic launch too

TORONTO — More than two million Canadians tuned in this week to Little Mosque on the Prairie, the new CBC comedy about a Muslim community in a rural town that has been the subject of worldwide attention.
And we all know how well that worked out.

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Anonymous said...

Like most Canadian "Humour" this show is so ideologically driven that the characters are unrecognizable as people you would meet. I am from Prairie homesteader stock and I don't know who these town's people are. The best writing comes out of a foundation of reality... were this show smacks of how a Torontonian might view small town Western Canada. This show doesn't seem rooted in a place I can identify with or people I have ever met.

Now Corner Gas I get. Hope our tax dollars didn't purchase too long a run of this turkey.

Anonymous said...

I had the same reaction. The only laugh I had was when the show was over, at how ridiculous the CBC is in its programming. The hype helped, but not for another viewing. Not from me anyway.

Muslims are known for their humor? ha ha...not the ones who produced and wrote this show.

Neo Conservative said...

most objectionable moment anyone?

was it the country bumpkin who apparently has the "terrorist hotline" (hey, somebody wanna share that number with me?) on speed-dial on his cell...

or the dumber than a bag-o-donuts cop, who splutters at the new imam, "you don't get to choose the country we deport you to..."

apparently at the cbc... that's considered highbrow comedy.

Alex said...

Wait for these copycat shows;

-Guantanamo Bay Watch
-Everybody Hates Chris-tians
-Show me the Mullah
-Kneel or No Deal
-The Prearranged Newlywed Game
-So You Think You Can Dance? Well you can't you infidel dog. It is Banned!!
-So you think you can sing? Well you can't you infidel dog. It is banned!!
-The King of Kensington is a Jew, and must be destroyed.
-The Segregated Family Guy
-Buddy Wassisname and the other Mullahs
-My two BaghDads
-This hour has 22 prayer minutes
-Welcome Back Khadr
-The War at Home...We Will Bring to Canada
-Between Iraq and a Hard Place
-Muslim in the Middle
-Allah My Children

Anonymous said...

Most nazi assholes such as yourself prefer to keep their raging racism undercover. Not you.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they are too politically correct to can this piece of crap, that way it will serve as a constant reminder of why we should sell the CBC to Fox News.

Neo Conservative said...

ah yes, the inevitable, inarticulate violator of 'godwins law'...

anony-mouse wrote... "nazi assholes such as yourself"

there's always at least one, isn't there?

AnonyMouse said...

How disappointing... :(

I had high hopes for it, too - the couple advertisements I saw for it, I found amusing... (but then, maybe it's 'cuz I fit into the category of kids who find such lame, pathetic things funny... :P).

I got to see a couple minutes of it before my dad ordered the TV turned off, and the part I saw was when the Imam dude has the cop guy call the Masjid, only to be greeted with the answering machine declaring that they're a construction company... that, I found funny 'cuz really, it's a typical Muslim thing!

Oh well... I'm actually hoping to see if someone'll post a video of the first episode (and maybe later episodes as well) so that I can see for myself...

Neo Conservative said...

AnonyMouse said... "that, I found funny 'cuz really, it's a typical Muslim thing!"

i think they could have used more feedback from the muslim community, people like you and your family... apparently only one of the actors on the show is actually a practicing muslim...

i'm guessing, religious differences notwithstanding, as the parent of a young child, i have a lot more in common with your dad, than i do with the writers at the cbc.

David said...

I think you're being unfair to Hee Haw with that parallel.