30 January 2007

The Kinsella Seal of Approval

I'm not sure how I managed to scoop E-Talk on this breaking story... but it seems that "Special K" has graciously agreed to the request of Liberal Catnip, to be the Supreme Arbiter of the "Ten Smartest Female Canadian Bloggers" extant.

Mr. Kinsella was chosen, in no small part, because of his endearing tendency to constantly refer to himself on his own webpage in the third person... a personality quirk traditionally reserved for British Royalty.

Headlining her own humility in an email to WK, Catnip gushes...
As Michelle points out [link] there certainly are many "smart female [Canadian] bloggers" out here and yes, I will toot my own horn and consider myself among them.
And so my friends... the game is afoot... with one small Libnippian proviso.
I will tell you this, however (and here's where I disagree with one of Michelle's choices), 'smart' does not include bloggers like Kate who defame politicians by supplying fake, libelous quotes just to create hysteria.

That decision is not open to debate. Period. Anyone who attempts to dispute that decision will have their comment removed since I'm not interested in wasting my time reading any defences of her behaviour.
So, to recap... Libnip and Kinsella, the self anointed judges of all that is good, smart and female in the Canadian Blogosphere, will soon grace us with their decision about the very smartest Canadian womyn bloggers.

As long as it isn't that unspeakable Kate at Small Dead Animals... you know... the hands down winner of the Best Canadian (male, female, gay and I daresay transgendered) Blog at the 2006 Weblog Awards.

And please don't try to email Ms. Libnip... because she has made her final decision on this... so that's that.

She really means it.

Really and truly.


UPDATE: Kateland, aka TZH saw this one coming... last year
I have never met the other Kate (of Small Dead Animals) or Lisa (of The London Fog) or Canadianna, but I have met Kathy Shaidle and Girl on the Right but there is not a penis in the lot.

But there are far more quality conservative female voices out there churning out punditry everyday then you allow for in the narrow confides of your liberal belief system.

And here’s a tip – we are all punching far beyond our weight, which is more than I can say for more than a few liberal girlie-man bloggers.

2ND LAST WORD: Who cares what Evil Kate says anyway?

Oh... them.


KINSELLA SPEAKS: It is... because he says it is.
This being the blogosphere, some folks are of course being deliberately obtuse, and suggesting I wanted to be arbiter of the resulting discussion.

That's crap, of course.

But Sire... I referred to you as "Supreme Arbiter"... surely that counts for something.

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