06 January 2007

More unapologetic horsepucky from MSM

Witness the Globe & Mail headline, "Nunavut community rocked by slayings."
-- Cambridge Bay, Nunavut -- Three men in their 20s were killed and two other adults wounded in a shooting early Saturday in this Arctic community.
As tragic as any murder must be for the families of those involved... in truth, the people of Nunavut are neither rocked nor surprised by these three latest murders.

The fact is, as the Globe editors are all too aware, Nunavut has the highest per capita homicide rate in Canada.
The nation-wide average for 2003 was 1.73 homicides per 100,000. Ranking all of the Provinces and Territories by murder rate for the year 2003 results in the following table:


PER 100,000
(1) Nunavut 10.21
(2) Northwest Territories 9.55
(3) Saskatchewan 4.12
(4) Manitoba 3.70
(5) Yukon 3.22
(6) British Columbia 2.24
(7) Alberta 2.00
(8) Ontario 1.45
(9) Quebec 1.34
(10) New Brunswick 1.07
(11) Newfoundland 0.96
(12) Nova Scotia 0.85
(13) Prince Edward Island 0.73
*Homicide statistics can be found
at the Statistics Canada website.

Now the so-called "progressive" groups in Canadian society... so loudly represented by the Fiberals and Dippers and much of the mainstream media... are loath to mention these sorts of inconvenient statistics... because it points out a real and significant crisis in this predominantly aboriginal part of the country.

It's this insistence on sugar-coating the reality, that prevents real solutions being applied to terrible problems. Shame on the Globe and Mail for their biased and melodramatic "politically correct" positions on this stuff.

Let's start by calling things by their real names.

She's not sure why most of her 12 kids took their own lives, but it's not shocking in a community that has suffered one of the highest suicide rates in the world.

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