22 August 2018

Your Toronto Star...

...the Sharknado of "professional" news organizations...insert alt text here

"Officers seized a sawed-off, lever-action .30-30 calibre shotgun from inside the suspected stolen vehicle."
Say what? Where can I get one of these "special" firearms? Let's ask the reporter who made the discovery...
"Claire Theobald is an Edmonton-based reporter who covers crime and the courts."
So... a crime reporter who doesn't know the difference between a rifle and a shotgun. Also... not sawed off... that's how this carbine comes from the factory.

You can contact Claire here.

NOTA BENE: It could've been worse, I suppose...insert alt text hereThankfully, no mention of a 3D printed, high capacity laser ranging bump stock. Yet.


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A Toronto youth was on bail for an alleged armed robbery of another teen when he allegedly fatally stabbed 15-year-old Jack Meldrum in a senseless robbery near Sherway Gardens on Saturday night.

The teen was freed on $500 bail on April 13, 2018, one day after he allegedly used a knife to steal from another teen. The alleged victim cannot be identified for legal reasons.
The judge who granted this guy bail is an accessory to murder.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says------------30 30 shotgun. where can I get one?

Martin said...

These are among the informed people leading the debate on increased gun control for our cities. I didn't see any comments on the article; it would be interesting if anyone reading that paper noticed the absurdity. More likely most wouldn't care. The goal of zero guns for citizens is more important than simple fact checking for accuracy.

AlbertaLyle said...

At least the local Edmonton news seems to be more informed about firearms, or perhaps are just better parrots:

"...After the incident, police learned both men were wanted on Canada-wide warrants for being unlawfully at large and a sawed-off, lever-action .30-30-calibre rifle was found in the vehicle, ASIRT said..."


Neo Conservative said...

"local Edmonton news seems to be more informed..."

i'm guessing someone at the station was a
shooter or hunter.


BDFT said...

This isn't even anything illegal. It's a Rossi Ranch Hand or some equivalent of what is known as a "mare's leg rifle". Perfectly legal to own in Canada. It isn't even restricted. It's patterned after the rifle Chuck Connors carried in The Rifleman. My local Canadian Tire has one for sale on the rack. Why isn't the news(?) media more concerned about how two unlicensed escaped cons got their hands on it rather than gasp theatrically at how it looks.

Neo Conservative said...

"how two unlicensed escaped
cons got their hands on it"

the local media expert/crime reporter
can't even properly identify the gun...
how's she gonna report on issues?


Unknown said...

BDFT actually its the gun Steve McQueen used in the TV Series Wanted Dead or Alive. Steve O

Fred from BC said...

If you actually 'sawed=off' a lever action rifle in any caliber, wouldn't you also cut the end off the tube magazine?

Neo Conservative said...

yup. unless it's the mythical
.30 calibre lever shotgun.