15 August 2018

Here's hoping the "consultations"...

...with the Junkie-Canadian community about free daily pharmaceutical grade heroin distribution prove to be similarly conciliative...

Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps says the city has no intention of getting rid of the Sir John A. Macdonald statue that was recently removed from the steps of city hall, after the Ontario government wrote asking about acquiring it.

City council voted in favour of the removal, as part of reconciliation efforts with local Indigenous communities.
Well, as long as that's what the citizens of Victoria said they... sweet baby jebus...
Mayor Helps said the larger community wasn't consulted on the removal of the statue because that conversation would have been "very narrow" and yielded "not very useful dialogue."

Toronto police are investigating three separate daylight shootings in the city’s west end on Tuesday.
Ah, yes... the usual suspects...
Keeron Tashmel Creary of Toronto has been charged with attempted murder, discharge firearm with intent, unauthorized possession of firearm and obstruct peace officer.


Fred from BC said...

They also sent the work crews out to remove the statue just two days later, and at 5:30 in the morning (on overtime, no doubt).

I wonder if anyone has asked the Mayor how long she intends to keep the statue in the basement.

Neo Conservative said...

probably contemplating some sort
of lottery where you buy tickets
that allow you to take 10 minutes
of blowtorch or hammer time with
sir john.