09 August 2018

Your CBC... "Erasing the Past"...

...that's the ticket...insert alt text here

"One of the things we heard very clearly from the Indigenous family members is that coming to city hall to do this work, and walking past John A. Macdonald every time, feels contradictory."
Yeah, sure... let's talk about "contradictory," shall we?

I know... "Let's throw another Jesuit on the barbie!"
"To prevent him from speaking more, they cut off his tongue, and both his upper and lower lips. After that, they set themselves to strip the flesh from his legs, thighs, and arms, to the very bone; and then put it to roast before his eyes, in order to eat it."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says-------------before Europeans, for want of a better description, came to North America the "indigenous" people did not have written language, the wheel or any literature. I think I want to take back everything that they have culturally appropriated from we ignorant white people. That includes casinos.

Neo Conservative said...

when europeans first showed up in north america...
the indigenous tribes were illiterate stone-age
nomads who tortured their enemies, practiced
slavery and yes... ate the occasional prisoner.

not the narrative you'll get in the media.