27 August 2018

Shooting down people from cars...

...there oughta be a law...toronto's most wanted

"Two have been injured after the city saw separate drive-by shootings late Sunday night."
No names, no descriptions... smell the journalism.


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...wait a minute...
Three teenagers are now facing a slew of charges after Toronto police seized a loaded firearm and drugs in the Jane and Finch area on Friday. Toronto-resident Michael Jason Brown, 19, is facing six charges in connection with the investigation. Two other male suspects, a 16-year-old and a 15-year-old, have also been charged.


Canadianna said...

If you're not on twitter following CP24 or 680News and the like ... does anyone even know what's going on anymore? I didn't even hear about any of this. Getting so I don't want to know.

Neo Conservative said...

you only see what the media wants you to see.
the fact is, in toronto, there is a violent
subculture of mostly third world related
gangs that are doing virtually all of the
shooting... and virtually all of the dying.

and john tory's plan to ban firearms in
toronto is like banning automobiles to
prevent drunk driving.


Canadianna said...

Exactly. But they don't even realize how they feed the problem with their stupid policies. How long before we are no longer a livable city. The planning is already such that it's discouraging families. There's just so much wrong and it seems to have happened so quickly-- am I wrong?