04 August 2018

Smell the professional journalism

Maybe it was Colonel Mustard, in the conservatory, with a lead pipe...insert alt text here

••• Cochrane, Alberta ••• “This was a very intentional act. This was somebody who pulled up beside them, lowered the passenger-side window, pointed a firearm and discharged a shot into his head,” said Cochrane RCMP Sgt. Tom Kalis. Driving the vehicle was a Caucasian male with long, dark hair.
Wait a minute... do I smell a "minority report?"
"None of the occupants of the Durango were the intended targets of the shooting.”
Say what?

Of course, the devil is actually in the details... the details you won't hear on the CBC...
"The tourist was driving a truck near the rodeo grounds of Stoney Nakoda First Nation when he was shot, causing his vehicle to hit the ditch and strike a pole."

UPDATE: Calling Inspector Clouseau
"COCHRANE, Alta. – A man who was arrested in an investigation into the shooting of a German tourist west of Calgary has been released without charges."


dmorris said...

The driver was a caucasian male? According to who,the passengers in the van? Seems it would be easier to identify the shooter rather than the driver who would have been partially obscured by the shooter in the passenger seat.

The RCMP work in mysterious ways.

Surely they're NOT trying to cover up something uncomfortable.

Neo Conservative said...

can't have any uncomfortable facts
leaking out to the general public.

had no idea the stony nakoda rodeo
venue was a local hangout for the
townie caucasian demographic.

you learn something every day.