08 August 2018

Virtue-signalling millionaire trust fund heir...

...single-handedly trashes Canadian markets...insert alt text here

The Financial Times has reported that the Saudi central bank and state pension funds have instructed third party asset managers to sell Canadian bonds, stocks and cash. The selling is said to have begun on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Saudi Arabia's foreign minister said there was nothing to mediate between the two countries and that Canada knew what it needed to do to "fix its big mistake."
I wonder if the budget will still "balance itself."


COMPARE AND CONTRAST: Apparently Justin is just fine...

...with the ANC's latest "ethnic cleansing initiative"...
Even back then — this was 2011 — white farmers were being driven from their land by the blacks and fleeing to Zambia, or the UK, while senior members of the ANC demanded the spilling of Boer blood.
Will the Liberals be opening the border to 50,000 white South Africans fleeing this genocide... or are they simply not exotic enough?


Toronto Police have identified 37-year-old man, Noor Osman Noor wanted in connection to a stabbing in Etobicoke’s Six Points area last week. He is wanted for attempted murder, aggravated assault and assault with a weapon.


Unknown said...

Well at least the White South Africans would bring a marketable skill with them.....Steve O

Neo Conservative said...

even ignoring the logical comparisons...
what happened to the socialist's "if it
only saves one life?"

or are some lives just not worth


Frances said...

To be fair, it was Freeland who produced the fatal tweet, not the PM.

Anonymous said...

Good God we are being run by idiots and morons and the voters are even worse. I do not see how Canada can survive.

Anonymous said...

old white guy replys to unknown------------we no longer accept white immigrants.

Neo Conservative said...

"it was Freeland who produced the fatal tweet"

is freeland allowed to freelance? i think not.