29 August 2018

Orwell was right...

...some animals are more equal than others...insert alt text here

A copy was sent to me, which I shared on Twitter. The scene was grotesque and seemed to be in the backyard of a home in Milton, but Police determined it was outside an under-construction mosque.

Ontario’s Agriculture ministry has launched an investigation into the slaughter, with Minister Ernie Hardeman calling the video “disgusting and gruesome.”
Halal butchery... you bring the forklift... I'll bring the vidcam.


When Tijssen was presented with a copy of MNR Inspector Graham Ridley’s log book, he was horrified to read observations as to what his children were wearing and their activities.

Ridley had recorded these while surreptitiously observing the Tijssen house, yard and garage during a six day “stake out” in a neighbour’s tree house – using night vision binoculars no less.
A six day stakeout and a TWO YEAR court case.

Obviously, rules are for infidels.


LAST WORD:Feminist Government
"Imagine a government that says we should use taxpayers dollars to ensure small businesses hire immigrants over Canadian citizens. Actually, in Justin Trudeau’s Canada you don’t have to imagine that."


Anonymous said...


BDFT said...

I hate to break it to all the delicate city people but that's the way cows are butchered. We used to gut them before we skinned them completely but that's pretty much the way we did it on the ranch I grew up on. I am sure there are dozens of charges that could be laid under some health act or other for doing it outside and I'm sure as a natural born Canadian I couldn't get away with doing something like this in town but that's the way it's done. BTW, that cow is very dead so there is no cruelty involved. Unless you think that killing cows is cruel.

Neo Conservative said...

no... the way animals are butchered in
a slaughterhouse is they are killed
instantly with a bolt gun and then
processed. the area is cleaned daily
and government inspectors check the

even on a farm, back in the day...
a single shot to the head puts
the animal down at once.

halal butchery involves slitting
the animals throat and watching
it bleed out. and apparently
having some sort of public
celebration as it dies.

big difference. i also imagine
you didn't drag your carcasses
through a construction site.


Canadianna said...

Forget about cruelty or the way it was slaughtered. A large animal was allowed to bleed out and if it was in the parking lot of an unbuilt mosque, we can assume housing is close by. I don't really care if the meat is sanitary for those who plan to consume it - their business -- but imagine the smell and the animals and the bugs that this will draw. It's unsanitary and is precisely the reason we don't allow these things done in cities or outside of a facility equipped to deal with the remains.

Neo Conservative said...

that really is the point. why do muslims
get special treatment when us infidels are
subject to the full weight of the law?

special laws for special people.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says----------------this is Canada, right. there are different laws for everyone from Indians to muslims to government employees. pick a group, they get to ignore the law based on who they are.