14 August 2018

They had it all planned...

...with 47 seats up for grabs in the Oct. 22 election (3 more in downtown), the NDP fancied taking control of Toronto council. They had picked their wards and had selected the equally useless and entitled (mostly trustees) who would trade up from the TDSB and grab the new seats.

How dare the premier go and ruin their craven power grab?

BREAKING: And it's done...
A bill to cut the size of Toronto city council almost in half passed in the Ontario legislature on Tuesday afternoon.

The passing of Bill 5 comes after Premier Doug Ford announced on July 27 that his government would reduce the number of municipal wards from 47 to 25 in time for October’s election.
And while we're gloating about crybaby commies... here's the Comment of the Week...
"Not. Happy. Till. Batwoman. Wears. Flannel (and is 75lb overweight)."