17 August 2018

Justin could make guns in Rexdale...

...super double illegal...insert alt text here

Police have identified a Toronto man killed in a drive-by shooting in Rexdale Wednesday night as 33-year-old Andre Phoenix. Phoenix had a brief interaction with the vehicle’s occupants before one of them fired a gun at him several times.

It is the second time in less than two months that someone has been murdered at the plaza. Winston Freckleton, 56, was stabbed to death shortly before 12:30 p.m. during a fight in the parking lot on June 23.

Phoenix is the 60th homicide in the city this year.
Sadly, Black Live Matters Toronto was apparently unavailable for comment.


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...to more fake news from the PMO...toronto's most wanted
"Liberals are playing dishonest games with stats to crack down on legal gun owners. While the Liberal party sees gun control as a possible 'wedge' issue, StatsCan simply has no evidence to support their claims.

Bill C-71 fails to address the area where gun violence has actually risen over the past 20 years: gangs.
But, but, but... that's racist!!!!


LAST WORD: Who's zoomin' who?
Police say they seized two handguns, ammunition, cocaine, heroin, and around $10,000 cash from a residence on Wingarden Court in Toronto. Two Toronto residents — Meshach Bonnie, 25, and Isaiah Powell, 21 — and Stevie Squires, 25, of Markham, all face a slew of drug and weapons charges.