01 August 2018

Between a Hyphenated Canadian...

...and a hard place... let's see Prime Minister Dressup, Andrea Horwath or the CBC condemn Baldev Manjania for defending his property with a weapon...insert alt text here

"Robbers used a van to smash their way into a Malton jewelry store that was open and serving customers at the time. Problem is they only brought a firearm and hammer to a sword fight at Baldev Manjania’s shop, as he used his blade to chase them away."
The Toronto Sun portrays Mr Manjania, quite rightly, as a brave man standing up for his rights. So what about the egregious double standard enacted against Dennis Galloway...insert alt text here
When Dievert’s Jewellers in Port Alberni, British Columbia was robbed at gunpoint, the owner, Dennis Galloway, retrieved his legally-owned and stored handgun from the store’s safe. He then shot one armed robber. The wounded thief’s accomplice fled for his life and was never apprehended.

The RCMP recommended Dennis Galloway be prosecuted for unsafe storage and careless use of a firearm. RCMP Staff Sgt. Lee Omilusik said he couldn't comment on a case that's still before the courts, but emphasized that police in no way condone vigilante behaviour.
Well... except when...
Manjania said that he had the sword because of his religion. “We have a Sikh temple here, and every Sikh temple, they have a sword,” he said. “I just keep it for safety, you know, if something happens.”
Try using that one on your local firearms officer.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says---------------the cops and courts have become an un-describable mess. How the hell can one be charged when defending one's life and property. Canada and Canadians continue to disappoint me.

Neo Conservative said...

these days you do what you gotta do
and leave all the equivocating to
your lawyer. the new reality.