11 August 2018

Teh childrun is r futcher...

"Three children under 12, including a seven-year-old, were taken into police custody Thursday for allegedly causing more than $150,000 in damage to modular homes in Red Deer."
Due to the ages of those involved, RCMP will not provide details or updates about the "restorative justice work" or its future resolution... wait a minute, what's being restored here?
“Under the Criminal Code of Canada, children under 12 cannot be charged for criminal offences."
Translation... some poor business owner just got boned but good.


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"Red Deer is the fifth most dangerous place is Canada, according to the latest Maclean’s magazine report. Red Deer’s crime severity index is 207, while the national average CSI is 70.96."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says----------------Canada sure is gaining world status quickly.