14 August 2018

I'm so old... I remember when...

...sacrificing people to your gawds was something you only saw in Sunday afternoon Tarzan movies... and as usual, the whole thing is a mystery...

"Neil Basu, the Met’s Assistant Commissioner for counter-terrorism said, 'It appears to have been a deliberate act, but what the motive was we can’t answer at the moment.'"
The western media, CBC included, seems to feel this may be some sort of anti-bollard movement...insert alt text hereNew York Times doubles down... now it's a car crash.

Try as they might, to control the narrative, news keeps slipping out...
A man who drove a car into London pedestrians outside Britain's parliament this morning was a British citizen who originally came from another country, British security minister Ben Wallace has said.
You know... like this guy.


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"Much of the media, led by the CBC and the Toronto Star, accepted this version of the tragedy, and asserted that the mass shooting had not been a terrorist attack, while blaming a breakdown in the mental-health-care system for Hussain's actions and calling for stricter gun-control regulations."

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