28 August 2018

Actually there's been only one case...

...and that moron is in jail...insert alt text here

Legal purchasers are filling out the required paperwork, buying a number of guns and then selling them on the illegal market, Mayor John Tory said.
Mayor Pinocchio also claims, "about half of handguns used in crimes are from domestic sources."

Let's take a closer look at that statement...
When CBC reporter Evan Dyer contacted the Canadian Firearms Program and asked for the supporting data, the RCMP replied that no such data exists.
It's simply more "fake news."

Perhaps the Mayor should expand his genius thinking to include banning heroin, crack and crystal meth inside Toronto city limits...
During a tour of the neighbourhood Janet Lambert of the Asquith-Collier Residents Association gave to the Sun, city 311 staff rolled up but said they wouldn’t be picking up any syringes from safe injection kits because the waste was located in the park.

"They are defecating, fornicating, shooting up in public,” said Lambert. “With all this lawlessness going on, we have to protect ourselves.”
Well, it's not like they can count on the Mayor.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says--------------enabling people to do something illegal gives a whole new meaning to the word stupidity.

Canadianna said...

Did we really vote for this?

Neo Conservative said...

you get the government you deserve.


Canadianna said...

Well, Neo... some of us do... but what about the rest of us?
Like this municipal election? Choices, choices, choices lol