24 August 2018

Dear Prime Minister Dressup...

What sort of new gun legislation would have stopped Shamoi Palmer from putting a bullet in Jermaine George Titus' medulla oblongata?insert alt text hereJermaine is lucky #66 on this years "hit parade."

Yet again, strangely enough... Black Lives Matter Toronto was unavailable for comment.


RELATED: Back in Toronto's storied "northwest" end...insert alt text hereToronto Police Det. Brandon Price called it "an altercation."

The man is the city’s 67th murder victim of the year.


LAST WORD: If you build it, they will come...

OTTAWA — The number of people seeking asylum in Canada is rising “far beyond” what the existing system can handle, according to a recent letter from Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen. “This situation is not sustainable.”


Anonymous said...

old white guy says-------------------it is long past time to bring back the death penalty.

Neo Conservative said...

if guns cause crime... mine
must be defective.