10 August 2018

Said the obscenely rich politician...

...with the armed bodyguard/chauffeur...insert alt text here

"I also know that our Canadian communities, including Toronto and Fredericton, are resilient."

UPDATE: But "resilient" isn't bulletproof...
"Police Chief Leanne Fitch says the victims include Const. Robb Costello and Const. Sara Burns, 43, and two civilians -- a man and a woman -- who remain unidentified."

UPDATE2: Killer has been identified
Fredericton Police have identified the sniper killer who took four lives as Matthew Vincent Raymond, 48. He is said to have shot his victims from a high point at random.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says---------------resilient, is that code for we don't really give a shit.

Neo Conservative said...

apparently it's the newest urban
buzzword... pm dressup has used
it quite a bit as well.

doesn't have to actually mean
anything... that's the beauty
of it.

just so long as you don't talk
about the shooters.