03 August 2018

Federal NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh...

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...is formally asking the Prime Minister to allow cities to ban cars. This would help municipal authorities deal with the fact that many vehicle accidents are committed with legally registered automobiles... wait a minute...
Sort of ironic, since it took Jaggi 33 years to condemn the British Columbia terrorist bombers.


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...here's another story you won't see on the CBC...insert alt text here
"Critics of the government attribute the border-crossing surge to a January 2017 message from Mr. Trudeau on his official Twitter account, in which he said Canada would welcome people fleeing persecution, terror and war."
I'm lookin' at you, Faisal Hussain!


Anonymous said...

old white guy asks-----------------does the country really need people like Singh?

BDFT said...

It is illegal in Canada to possess a handgun outside of a locked opaque case anywhere but a gun range or your home. The handgun must be triggerlocked for transport and you must ask express permission from the federal government to transport it. How much more "banned" can you get. BTW, murder has been banned for at least 10,000 years.

dmorris said...

I wasn't aware our Jagmeet HAD spoken against the Air India terrorists!

When did this occur?
Now, apparently Jagmeet might run in Burnaby,B.C., a Riding he wasn't aware existed, and doesn't live in,but is safe safe safe for commies like Svend and the Dippers.

May he LOSE bigly.

Neo Conservative said...

"I wasn't aware our Jagmeet HAD spoken against
the Air India terrorists!"

well, after getting the nod for the federal dippers
pl' jagmeet got cornered by the media for his, well...
non-condemnation of the air india bombers. it only
took 33 years for jaggi to say mass murderers are
bad people.


Anonymous said...

How many legally owned handguns have been used in crimes? I'd bet the number is pretty darn small.

Neo Conservative said...

" legally owned handguns have
been used in crimes?"

i'm guessing statistically insignificant,

but let's ask toronto's most wanted.


dmorris said...

The number of LEGALLY owned handguns used in crime would be undoubtedly under one percent, but the media and cops love to mention that some of the guns used in crimes were at one time legally owned,but STOLEN.
The RCMP love the gun registry because if they can trace the original and legal owner of the gun, they can trump up some unsafe storage or even negligent mishandling charges,which look good on their year end statistics for crimes solved.
It doesn't particularly matter to the justice system if the actual perpetrator gets away,as long as they have someone to scapegoat.

Btw,tasiest way to harass someone you don't like but know owns guns is to call the cops and claim the guy was acting strange,made some threats,etc., they'll have the SWAT team to his house in minutes.

It happened to an acquaintance, took him six months to get his hunting rifles returned.

Neo Conservative said...

"they'll have the SWAT team to his house in minutes."

please don't give the socialist lunatics any ideas.