20 August 2018

If it only "Saves One Life"...

...will the federal Liberals move swiftly to ban all pets?insert alt text hereSorry, Freckles... it's for the greater good.


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HALIFAX—The pending departure of almost 60 Saudi Arabian medical residents because of a diplomatic spat will cause surgical delays over the coming months, says an official with the Nova Scotia Health Authority.
The latest chapter in the "Trudeau Tut-Tut" chronicles.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says-----------------jumping into the water without a lifejacket on to rescue a pet or another human is not very bright. I guess the departure of imported residents will open up spots for Canadian born doctors in training. Good bye.

Neo Conservative said...

if justin wants to save lives, he
can ban pets... i mean, who really
NEEDS a pet in the city?