28 August 2018

The genius of Justin Trudeau

All we need to do is take guns away from farmers, hunters & skeet shooters... not criminals or mental patients...most wanted

"According to Peel Regional Police, two vehicles were travelling east on Highway 403 near the Highway 401 on-ramp at around 9 p.m. when the occupants of one vehicle fired shots at a black Chrysler sedan carrying two men and a woman."
Go check out "Toronto's Most Wanted."


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...I'm here to save you...
Divorce filings from the parents of 24-year-old David Katz of Baltimore say that as an adolescent he was twice hospitalized in psychiatric facilities and was prescribed antipsychotic and antidepressant medications.

Katz legally purchased the two handguns he carried from a gun store in Baltimore, the sheriff said.

LAST WORD: It's all relative, isn't it...
"If this was Fred Smith, avid deer hunter & target shooter, CBC would be planning a four part Marketplace "Tools of Satan" extravaganza. They'd be following poor Freddie to the crapper."


dmorris said...

This is no joke,the bastards are rob honest Canadians blind.Since when is confiscating legally owned property and offering NO compensation,"a Canadian value"?
If that IS a Canadian value,then we have no values,just a bunch of thieves in power.

If this law goes through,a friend of mine, military veteran, honest,hard working, no criminal record,not even a speeding ticket in his entire long life,BUT who is a sports shooter of pistols, stands to lose about $10,000 worth of legal pistols when the Liberals enact this law.
Don't EVER ask one of us gun owners to,"observe,record,report" for the government's private army again, don't ask US to be your "eyes and ears" as you have often asked.
We will not help you in any way,you have become the Enemy.

Canadianna said...

I hate guns. Confiscating guns from law-abiding people who don't hate them is wrong. They know it won't help, but it provides the appearance of giving a shit.

What they're gonna end up doing is driving the law-abiding people underground the way they've done with smokers. People will still buy them, but they'll get the from the reserves.

The people who run the country have never really lived here.

Neo Conservative said...

do you know any people who own firearms?
you know... people like me?

i mean people who have gone through
the training, the qualification and
testing... not to mention a rigorous
rcmp background check?

the people who are doing vitually
all of the killing and dying in
toronto are young black men who are
involved in criminal enterprises.
they are not registered gun owners.

banning guns would be like trying
to control drunk driving by taking
cars away from everyone.

then, what next? motorcycles,
fast cars, skydiving... cigars?

surely you can see that.


Canadianna said...

You know I agreed, right? :)

Neo Conservative said...

here's what i don't understand...

"Canadianna said... I hate guns"

in a recent cdc report in the usa, they
found out more people were murdered by
hammers than so-called assault rifles.

do you hate hammers?

pencils don't write poetry, forks don't
cause morbid obesity... that's my point.

help me out here.


Canadianna said...

Yes, I hate guns. But not the people who choose to use them for target practice or hunting. I also hate rhubarb. I'm not casting aspersions on those who cook with it.

I hate lots of things without wanting them banned or without judging the people who use them... my point was, that I can dislike guns, and still see that it is wrong to take them from those who own them lawfully and don't abuse them. I was trying to make the point that although I'm like the people who would do the confiscating in my feelings about guns, I would never presume to take away someone else's right to own or use one, so long as they followed the already strict rules. No offence intended.

I'm kind of on the fence about hammers...

Neo Conservative said...

a gun is a tool. it's like hating a
power drill... it's an inanimate
object that, until it's removed from
storage, loaded & cocked... and
pointed at something... is as
benign as a salt shaker.

ted kennedy's has used his car to
kill more people than my firearms.

can you say you hate the thugs who
are murdering people willy-nilly in
toronto? i guess it's not "racist"
to hate a chunk of steel.

have you ever fired a gun? and
backatcha... nothing personal.


Canadianna said...

I get what you're saying and you're right, although I think you'll find that most people will have a more emotional reaction to guns than to other inanimate objects. And you are also right, I should perhaps save my animus for the murdering thugs.

And no, I've never fired a gun - wouldn't want to - but I have had one pointed at me once, which maybe taints my POV a touch.

That said, I prefer guns to Ted Kennedy, so there you go.

Neo Conservative said...

"but I have had one pointed at me once"

which makes your gut reaction a little more
understandable. is that a story you'd care
to share?


Canadianna said...

T'was a long time ago. A friend ... right in my face. It was a *joke* apparently, and it was an air rifle with these pellet things and not bullets, but it looked like a real gun. Just how it went down, it didn't feel like a joke.

Neo Conservative said...

totally inexcusable behavior. the first two
rules of gun safety are, one... all guns are
always loaded and, two... never let the
muzzle cover anything you're not willing to


Canadianna said...

Those are good rules. I often thought afterwards that he probably was following the second rule lol

Neo Conservative said...

if anyone did this at a shooting range
he would be reported to police and
banned for life.

nobody takes firearms safety more
seriously than people who have been
trained, tested and background
checked by the rcmp.