23 August 2018


"This is another crucial debate for the future of our country. Do we want to emphasize our ethnic and religious differences, and exploit them to buy votes, as the Liberals are doing? Or emphasize what unites us and the values that can guarantee social cohesion?"

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"What will be the name of this new party? The Kanadian Koncervative Koalition?"
Here's some unbiased, level-headed reportage...
"Divisive Quebec MP Maxime Bernier..."
Apparently he's not just "divisive," he's also "scorching the earth."

Like Satan, I guess.


Canadianna said...

Did they actually say what's on the link? (Sad that I have to ask). If they did, I don't see it there. I'm not happy with Bernier, but I don't see him as a racist, although he'll draw them.
Better now than next year.

Neo Conservative said...

yup... "kanadian koncervative koalition" is from
the comments at the link. but, you even try saying something
critical of the liberal socialist groupthink and your
comment gets moderated out of existence.

meanwhile, bernier is apparently "scorching the earth."


Canadianna said...