25 August 2018

Those damn scofflaw Glaswegians...

..wait a minute...

Police are now looking for Jonathan McLennan, 27,
of Toronto.
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On Thursday, police released a video that showed a woman ringing a doorbell at a home in the area of High Tech Road and Silver Linden Drive near Highway 7 at 2:50 a.m. When no one answered the door, video surveillance captured a man who appears to be armed with a handgun get out of a parked vehicle and have an altercation with the woman on the porch of the home.

The video showed the man, who has short hair and was wearing a hoodie, drag the woman to his car by her hair and drive away, while threatening to kill her.

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A man is in life-threatening condition in hospital following an overnight shooting in the area of Eglinton Avenue and Brimley Road in Scarborough.

LAST WORD: The hits just keep on coming
Family members identified the victim as 49-year-old Cecil Graham. It’s believed Graham had been living in a trailer in a parking lot in the area.

The death is Toronto’s 68th homicide of the year.


Anonymous said...

Oh wait,
"John McLennan"?
Is that an illegitimate Scottish son of the Beatles member "John Lennon", given the 'Mac' prefix and the phonetic spelling?

Neo Conservative said...

i thought black folk were trying to
throw off their "slave names" but
apparently i was mistaken.