23 January 2012

I just don't get it

The Liberal Party of Canada spent 2 billion dollars to keep track of farmers, deer hunters & skeet shooters and their murderous long guns... and we still have all this violence...

• TORONTO • Investigators have determined 23-year-old Anthony Spencer, an aspiring rap artist, who died after friends dumped him at a Scarborough hospital early Saturday, was gunned down at a recording studio.

But exactly what prompted the murder of yet another GTA rapper remains a mystery because his friends refuse to tell the truth about what happened, Det.-Sgt. Gary Giroux alleged Sunday.

A group of men and one woman disappeared after driving Spencer to Scarborough General Hospital around 5 a.m. Saturday, leaving police no witnesses and no murder scene.

“They know exactly what happened inside,” Giroux said. “And I think if everybody came back to us and told us what they heard or know ... we could resolve this case very quickly.”

"The costs were increased by foreign money from the American NRA. Disgusting."

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...where's the Liberal's shiny new Knife Registry?
Ottawa police are investigating the city’s first homicide of the year after a local man was fatally stabbed outside a Byward Market nightclub.

The man was found suffering from stab wounds on Dalhousie Street near Rideau Street at about 2:30 a.m. He was rushed to hospital where he died of his injuries.

Police have identified him as Navid Niran, 24, of Ottawa.

LAST WORD: Thank you, St Pierre of Montreal


Anonymous said...

You're right you don't get it. The gun registry did not cost 2 billion...that is just conservative hyperbole. The costs were increased by foreign money from the American NRA. Disgusting.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny shrieks... The costs were increased by foreign money from the American NRA."

of course, nonny... the foreign money that dick cheney flew in on the black helicopters, right?

you think a computer system that has to interface with every police car in canada runs on an imac? there were hundreds of millions of dollars of computer hardware & programming costs alone.

there are thousands of people involved in developing & running this thing.

and as far as i can see... it has done absolutely nothing to combat the scourge of urban handgun violence.

but, yeah... let's blame the nra.


BDFT said...

Actually, I think its much more reasonable to blame the Liberals. I agree that the registry didn't cost 2 billion to put together but after the Liberals got done using it as a slush fund, that was the number we had to pay. Remember that the Auditor General never did get to the bottom of it.

Neo Conservative said...

"bdft says... the Auditor General never did get to the bottom of it."

yup... hundreds of millions of our tax dollars go to liberal corporate friends for a p.r. exercise that does absolutely sfa to affect violent urban gun crime.

your liberal party in action.