04 October 2008

What would it actually take?

So, Amir... you only believe the evidence when it breaks your way?

Amir Attaran, the Ottawa law professor who found the medical records detailing the facial injuries suffered by one of the detainees and reported them to the independent Military Police Complaints Commission in February, 2007, said he was not persuaded by the CFNIS conclusions.

“I have absolutely no trust in an investigation of the military by the military,” Mr. Attaran said yesterday.


Anonymous said...

He is a Professional anti-Canadian and he can get the hell out of my country. Why do people like him live here if they believe so strongly in Islamic rule?

Anonymous said...

He and Iggy go waaay back. So you have to wonder how close they still are.


According to Michael Ignatieff and Michelle Greene, the Director and
Executive Director of the Carr Center at Harvard, Amir's new research
position is funded through a secret anonymous grant, that was given to
Roger Bate's Africa Fight Malaria group, and then to Harvard.
Ignatieff and Greene will not disclose who the funder actually is, but
claim "it is not from the pharmaceutical industry nor from any source
that would involve a conflict of interest."

Neo Conservative said...

it'd be interesting to ask this guy... if things are so wonderful in the muslim world... "why did your parents leave iran for the united states?"

or, more importantly... why, when he could simply return to the land of his islamic roots, he puts up with horrible, medieval canada?