07 October 2008

So seriously, now... somebody tell me...

...why this freak should ever see the light of day again...

A 44-year-old Edmonton man has been charged with several offences in relation to the abduction of a 7-year-old girl Sunday morning.

Danial Todd Gratton, 44, has been charged with sexual assault, sexual interference, kidnapping, abduction of a person under 14, and administering a noxious substance.

The accused, who was on parole, is currently in custody awaiting a bail hearing.
Just another reason to vote Conservative.



Honey Pot said...

The little girl's dad is definitely not a left-lib socialist. He wants to kill the bastard who hurt his little girl. I want to kill the bastard.

There is not a doubt in my mind that every non-left lib socialist in the country would like to take a lead pipe and beat that evil bastard, to a pulp.

To let that thing lose in a community without an electronic device around its neck, that put enough voltage through him to knock the creep out if he came within a mile of a child, is insane.

I will be so glad when a majority Conservative government is put in place next week. The issue of pedophiles being allowed to walk free and prey on our children needs to be addressed.

Alberta Girl said...

Now, Now - he is just misunderstood. If he had been allowed to join a government sponsored sports when he was a child he wouldn't be doing this. We really must give him the love that he is missing - that's all it will take to turn him around, don't you know.

Oh, Honey pot, I really, really, really hope you are right in your prediction about a majority.

Honey Pot said...

I think you are going to see it happen Alberta girl. Teachers most of the left-lib losers are afraid of the monsters they have created in the schools. That perpetual teaching of you are a victim and, therefore not responsible for your actions bullshit doesn't quite cut it.

As they smell the gunpowder waifing up around the gapping hole of the carcass, of a not as bad as the other gangstas, but bad enough kid, they pause now.

That big teachers pension looks good, but is it worth it for risking getting a bullet between my eyes, because I shut up, encouraged it, and let it go on.

The teachers are voting conservative. The one's with a conscious anyway.

Neo Conservative said...

surprise... he was on parole... that wonderful socialist "catch & release" programme.

i guess there were a few kinks in his rehabilitation, huh?


JA Goneaux said...

How about this: if you are convicted of a crime you committed on parole, you are returned to prison to do the FULL TIME of the original sentence, THEN you start the next sentence, for which you serve the max.

Nah, too "simplistic"...

Neo Conservative said...

i'll go you one better... sex crime against a child... castration... PLUS jail time.


beachnut said...

The judge had declared this guy a dangerous offender, the parole board dropped the ball.
Why this guy could even be eligible for parole is beyond me.

Neo Conservative said...

"beachnut says... Why this guy could even be eligible for parole is beyond me."

well, during the reign of "king jean the profligate" the fiberals stacked all the various boards with the usual slate of patronage appointees... and the chickens are coming home to roost.


Honey Pot said...

I got a better idea, sex crime against a child=bullet hole between the eyes.

mahmood said...

Cue the Correction stooges and their well worn script..."oops, (it) slipped thru the cracks certainly to be followed by stats on how well their rehab really does work and boy! it costs the Cdn. taxpayer thousands of dollars to incarcerate these rejects"...all the while a 7r. old comes within hair of disappearing...makes ya wanna puke.

Honey Pot said...

What gets me is they didn't warn the community. They let him lose and I bet the parole board wouldn't be inviting him to their children's birthday party's.

The least they could do is hobble the pedophiles, or amputate their arms before they let them lose to prey on our children.

Honey Pot said...

EDMONTON - The former head of the Edmonton Police Service's high-risk offender unit says he would not have notified the public of the release of a convicted sex offender now facing fresh charges of sex crimes against children - because he wasn't a high-risk case.

Det. Wil Tonowski said that while Danial Todd Gratton has an extensive history of sexual crimes against children, he had recently sought treatment and made it through the first phase of a treatment program for sex offenders, a difficult feat.

"Based on everything I know about this case, I wouldn't have done anything different at all," Tonowski said.-Canwest News Service

So apparently if you are a child rapist and you are well behaved in jail, which is easy, because there are no children to rape, attend your "I am a creep sessions," you get let out without warning to the community, to rape more children.

I still think amputaing their arms or hobbling them is a much better idea.

Neo Conservative said...

has anybody asked detective tonowski how he would feel if it was his 7 year-old daughter that got kidnapped and raped?

would it have been a case of "everybody did what they could" in that instance?