04 January 2008

The Party of...

"We'll tell you what's best for you."

-- REGINA -- A Liberal campaign co-chair says Saskatchewan New Democrat Joan Beatty is exactly the type of candidate the party needs for an upcoming federal byelection.

Senator David Smith says that's why the party "bit the bullet" and appointed her as a candidate without going through a nomination process that would have included former Tory David Orchard, a prominent supporter of party leader Stephane Dion.
Well... apart from some loyalty issues... she does have impeccable lefty credentials.
Beatty was the first aboriginal woman to be elected to the Saskatchewan legislature in 2003 and was re-elected as a provincial New Democrat two months ago.


Nixon's Ghost said...

Fucking lefty mother fucker jacobins should all be round up and shot, john woo style.

how do you like that, you fucking lefties?

janet said...

can you remind me why you allow post's by nixon's ghost!

Neo Conservative said...

"Nixon's Ghost said... Fucking lefty mother fucker jacobins"

nixie aka kevron's little brother... if you imagine for even a second that wiping your own shit all over the walls here... does anything more than expose your apparent lack of purpose and communication skills, you are sadly mistaken.

i could simply act as most of your progressive pals would do... and delete this nonsense as it comes in, but hey little boy, knock yourself out... you underline every point i have ever made about the lost, illiterate left.


red's ghost said...

It would appear the Cynic Round Table gang have banned profanity at the table hence K-K-Kevron's psychotic rants appear here more frequently...what would you expect out of a pig but a grunt.

lol...I suppose.