26 January 2008

Mayor David Miller...

Calls on Harper government to enact total ban... on senseless murders...

Shawn Mclean, the shy, mentally challenged young man who was shot Tuesday night, passed away this evening, becoming Toronto’s fourth homicide victim of this year.
Loudly proclaiming that "murder has only one purpose"... Toronto's mayor explained that no one will be safe... until legislation prohibiting the taking of other people's lives is enacted.
The young, schizophrenic man was believed to be walking home from the North York Sheridan Mall when an unknown assailant shot him in the neck.

He was left to die on the icy sidewalk, bleeding and alone, when he was found by a passer-by on the east side of Jane St. near Chalkfarm Dr.


Canada Goose said...

Terrible story.

I see thatrecently Jack Layton has called for a summit of leaders from both sides of the borders to solve the handgun problem. I notice he didn't mention aboriginal leaders. I suspect that a lot of our handguns have been smuggled in through the reserves.

Neo Conservative said...

"canada goose says... I suspect that a lot of our handguns have been smuggled in through the reserves."

uh-huh.. just like i suspect that sacrificing virgins to the volcano god... ain't gonna bring rain for the maize crops.

can you say bottomless pit of criminal enterprise?


Anonymous said...

Mayor Moron knows that a gun ban won't stop these kinds of murders, but that's not the point. The usual drug dealers killing each other provides a great excuse for socialists like him to extract more money for big fat wasteful 'community programs' that are really campaign offices for socialists.

Neo Conservative said...

nobody better tell "his pinkness" about the 1200 canadians who die in farming accidents every year... by springtime, there wouldn't be a tractor left in the country.