28 January 2008

Genocide 101

When the Toronto District School Board sets up its new Afro-centric schools... will they be dancing around current events?

-- NAIROBI, Kenya -- Ethnically driven violence intensified in Kenya on Sunday, and police officials said at least 19 people, including 11 children, were burned to death in a house by a mob.
I guess I just never understood what the problem was... with the way things were set up here in Canada.

On the other hand, even Kenya... previously held up as the jewel in the African societal crown... is beginning to resemble the SAW movie franchise.
Even the Kenyan military, deployed for the first time to stop antagonists from attacking one another, has been unable to halt the wave of revenge killings.

More than 100 people have been killed in the past four days, many of them shot with arrows, burned or hacked with machetes.


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Somalia Attack Kills Aid Workers

Victims include two doctors of international medical aid group Doctors Without Borders, a Somali driver and a reporter

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While we're talking education...

"Would you like company propaganda with that?"
McDonald's has won approval to offer courses which could form part of a qualification at the standard of A-levels or advanced Diplomas.

Universities secretary John Denham said it was an important step towards ending the old divisions between company training schemes and national qualifications.
Of course... not everyone is convinced this is the way to go...
"Just last week, a report revealed that some universities have concerns over diplomas. We are unsure whether those institutions would be clamouring to accept people with McQualifications."
No kidding.



Anonymous said...

violence in kenya is islamic based.

Anonymous said...

If segregation in Toronto is such a great idea perhaps it should be more inclusive of the principle - blacks could have separate buses, drinking fountains, washrooms and restaurants.

The Toronto District School Board should study the pre-civil rights era southern US, or for a more recent example they could copy Apartheid era South Africa, there's no need for them to re-invent the wheel.

South Africa probably has leftover skin colour charts so our government school board will know who can and cannot be admitted, they could probably get a deal on those.