26 January 2008

CTV's moonbat moment of the week

The CTV Ottawa affiliate CJOH... started off their piece on supporting U.S. army deserters in Canada... "A small group of freedom fighters..."

I almost fell outta my chair.

First of all, there is no... as there was for the Vietnam War... draft in effect in the United States. This is an all volunteer army.

All these people went out of their way to qualify to enlist in the American military. Maybe they should have considered the possibility that, as soldiers, they might be sent to fight a war. To label the people who violated their oath and deserted their duty to their country as "freedom fighters" beggars belief.

It seems the CBC isn't the only Canadian media outlet that considers itself a media subsidiary of the lunatic left.



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Anyway, good on Pamela Wallin for her non-partisan, classy handling of this issue. Craig Oliver must be frustrated that she didn't play the game.


Anonymous said...

What astounding ignorance! Trashy media throw around the 'freedom fighter' label without having a clue as to what it means, it's obvious that no one there has spent ten seconds thinking about it - or worse, they did. CTV has certainly gone to the dogs, they should hire someone with a brain instead of marketing hacks - people might actually pay attention to the news again if they did.

Anonymous said...

a local station here in Vancouver did a similar moonbat moment sory . . about our legacy of protecting Vietnam draft dodgers means we must continue to a beacon of hope . . blah, blah blah ..

I just about puked.

Tony said...

It’s amazing that CTV, and all other organizations that are going out of their way to advocate for a group of US Army deserters. They willing joined the military and were aware that they could be sent to war, so they should all be sent back. They are adults and at some time should learn the value of keeping a commitment and accepting the consequences of their decisions.

Neo Conservative said...

i suppose i should be used to it by now... but the lunatic left's orwellian gymnastics... and the accompanying media celebration of same... simply never cease to amaze.


fred zeppelin said...

If it was the clip I saw it was from moonbat central-Vancouver. And I was oh so proud to see my NDP federal MP there in support.

So the story is-democrat voting volunteers join US military to get free education (moochers), then gasp they realise that they could be required to go to a war zone. What to do? Lets skip to the most socialist country without border controls and contact the socialist party-NDP.

NDP of course laps this up, George bush this, Haliburton that, we support these brave individuals and why is not the canadian government providing refugee status to them along with free shelter, free food, free medical, free everything as befits our brave moochers.

NDP issue a news brief to CTV, no thinking required filler for the young gullible female news reporter, grab a camera and lets get it on TV. Questions -nah that requires thinking.

langmann said...

There is a reason we call CJOH -> CJOKE out here...

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann said... There is a reason we call CJOH -> CJOKE out here..."

it wasn't because of max's perm and his gangster suits?