03 February 2020

The healing, restorative power...

...of rap music...insert alt text here
Four men were arrested in Chicago yesterday after allegedly resisting arrest as police tried to disperse an over-capacity video shoot for a rap song, authorities said. "Officers formulated a plan and made entry into the building where individuals streamed out of the building, pushing and fighting police, discarding weapons as they fled."

"A systematic search of the building yielded a total of 24 handguns and one semi-automatic, short barrel rifle."

Airbnb, which thanked the police department for "getting illegal weapons off the street," has been trying to combat the use of its short-term rental service for so-called "party houses."
Think that sort of malevolence doesn't happen here?

Think again...
Mississauga • Another music video filmed at the location last week is believed to have motivated the attack, McCord said, adding that “information within that rap video that is challenging other people within the community.”

More than 100 shell casings have been recovered from the area so far.
Final tally • One dead 17 year-old & five others in hospital.


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Toronto police say a young rapper was among the three men killed in a shooting in a downtown highrise over the weekend. Li says Tyronne Noseworthy, 19, who performed under the name fourty4double0 with the TallUp Twinz, was was shot and killed.
And there's more... though I'm not sure uploading stuff to YouTube from your parent's basement makes you a rap star...
Toronto has lost at least four members of its hip-hop community to gun violence since Dec. 26. fourty4double0’s death follows the passing of BVLLY, Why-S, and 22 Filthy.
Here's a thought... stop shooting each other.