09 May 2019

The Shiny Pony Chronicles

Remember... he admires "their basic dictatorship"...insert alt text here

Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou gets approval to move to bigger, $13 million mansion. On the same day Meng was in court, China held an appeal hearing for Robert Schellenberg, the Canadian who was sentenced to death for drug smuggling.
This thing has been a bad joke, right from the start...
"Tyrion McCallum belatedly realises he should've stayed in Mackenzie Kings Landing with his ale and his whores."

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After shooting a man dead at a Toronto grocery store in 1981 — the victim owed him money but refused to pay — DeMaria never could obtain citizenship and he has remained vulnerable to deportation and to lifetime parole ever since.
Almost four decades of sticking his thumb in the eye of "Lady Justice"... seems plenty invulnerable to me.