11 May 2019

Eggshell blue... that's gonna go nicely...

...with his Bridal Path eco-mansion...

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"He enters a state of existential reflection, with a realization of his impending mortality: what will be the intrinsic value of his music, if the ice caps melt and the world is no longer sustainable?

Or perhaps more pertinently, he realises that with his stadium-sized cultural standing, and ability to impact on the world at large, he is in an undeniable position of power to enact meaningful change and ensure the survival of the planet’s ecosystem – a network nearly as complicated, beautiful, and wonderfully diverse as Drake himself."
Complicated? Like Avril Lavigne? I suppose that's one word...

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"In a song called All Charged Up he raps 'Niggers snitching on us without no interrogation. I stay silent ‘cause we at war.'"

"In another the song No Tellin, he says,'Yeah, police comin’ ‘round lookin’ for some help, On a case they gotta solve, we never help ‘em.'"
Yeah... he's a absolute peach. And just a bit of a poseur...
"He was raised by his mother in Forest Hill, an affluent and predominantly Jewish neighborhood in Toronto. He attended Jewish day school, had a Bar Mitzvah at age 13 and observed the Jewish High Holy Days with his mother. 'My mom has always made Hanukkah fun,' Drake recalls."
You're a "gangsta-come-lately," you gotta try harder, I guess.


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Justin Trudeau's "post-national hip-hop state"... it's a cold, cold place.insert alt text here
York Regional Police Insp. Thai Truong told reporters as many as 400 students from around the region were at the party when Rizwaan Aboobakar Wadee was shot.

“The biggest concerning factor, one of the most frustrating factors for us, is that when police arrived on scene after 4 a.m. and located the deceased... nobody was in the house,” he said.

“Not a single person that we know about had tried to assist Mr. Wadee or stayed on scene.”