06 May 2019

"May Bees Pee Upon Him"

I'm from the government... I'm here to save you...insert alt text hereinsert alt text here
While the "Terrorism Threat Report," first released in December, had initially identified attackers “inspired by violent Sunni Islamist ideology” as the main terrorist threat to Canada, that line has now been cut, said Liberal Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale.

All mentions of “Sunni” and “Shia” extremism were also taken out of the annual report, along with section headings on both types of terrorism.
It's not the first time Justin and "Redact-It Ralph" have done this sort of thing...insert alt text here
"Trudeau walks in parade after government removes reference to Sikh extremism. His morning speech came just hours after the federal government agreed to remove a reference to Sikh extremism from a report on terrorism."
Gotta be a few votes there, right?


UPDATE: You'll have to excuse Ralphie...

...he's been looking for the "real killers"...insert alt text here
REGINA — Canada’s Minister for Public Safety Ralph Goodale says right-wing, white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups are an increasing concern and threat to Canadians.

Goodale says the federal government is working with Internet providers to eliminate the issue.
From the folks who gave Omar Khadr $10,500,000 taxpayer dollars.