16 December 2017

Because... "Aboriginal"

If it was my child that got bumped off the transplant list... I'd be insane with rage...a wasted life

Saunders, 26, has been told she does not meet criteria set by the Trillium Gift of Life Network, the Ontario agency that manages organ transplants.
You know, the "criteria" that every other non-special human being in the province has to abide by. But, heck... tell that to Amnesty International.

So now, the question is... who doesn't get a liver because alcoholic "Indigenous advocate" Delilah Saunders goes to the head of the line?

Think I'm being dramatic?
Every week, 1.5 patients die on waiting lists for livers at Toronto General. Dr. Atul Humar, director of transplantation at the University Health Network, has said that up to 30 per cent of those on the waiting list for a liver typically die while waiting for a donor.

UPDATE: Special treatment for "special people"...
Thursday evening, the family got word from Toronto General Hospital that it wanted to see her for an assessment. Saunders’ aunt Barbara Coffey said she was sent by air ambulance to Toronto on Thursday evening.
CBC says this woman can't get a liver transplant "due to protocols"... not because she's a stone alcoholic who burned through her own organs by the time she hit her twenties.


UPDATE2: The power of the Great Spirit...

...transplant network caving in to pressure...
A spokesperson for Trillium has confirmed the agency plans to launch a pilot project to suspend the six-month requirement and provide transplants to almost 100 patients with alcohol-related liver disease.
The question now is, which 100 non-alcoholic persons will this "political correctness" sentence to death?


LAST WORD: In other death sentence news...
Environment Minister George Heyman says First Nations will still be allowed to hunt grizzlies for food, social or ceremonial reasons, or for treaty rights.
But, of course.


Bill Elder said...

It has nothing to do with some res rummy being treated equally - it has to do with using PC (AKA cultural bolshevism) to bully people into accepting insanity and fantasy as a norm - here we have someone who abused their liver and wants to be treated like people who did not abuse their liver - the eclipse of meritology.

What pisses me off the most about this is institutions and people who are in positions of trust - entrusted with filtering the insane and meritless from the worthy and deserving cave in to this bolshie bullying.

Neo Conservative said...

hells bells... out here where i live, a lot of us can't even get a family doctor... but they'll send an air ambulance to take an ineligible alcoholic to a transplant center... that's insanity.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........DRINK AND DRINK SOME MORE. there is a limited chance for anyone with a liver transplant. I have known two people who had one and got about two years. Great freakin results at astronomical costs.

Neo Conservative said...

no guarantees that a transplant will take and there is also a mind-blowing drug regimen to stave off rejection.

there's a reason the medical establishment doesn't piss these things away on folk who actively turned their first liver into fatty mincemeat.