03 November 2017

Don't give me that...

..."thousands of years of oral history" b.s. - christopher pauchayChristopher Pauchay couldn't even remember where he left his kids...
“That’s sacred ceremonial grounds. That’s where our relatives, the grizzly bear, live. And if their habitat is somehow destroyed, you are destroying our relatives,” Perry Bellegarde, national chief of the Assembly of First Nations, said in Ottawa.
Seriously... the grizzly bears? That's your biggest worry?
"The rate of deaths from injuries is 3 to 4 times higher for Aboriginal children than for other children in Canada."

Source: Government of Canada (2002) Healthy Canadians – A Federal Report on Comparable Health Indicators 2002. Ottawa: Health Canada.
Enough media showboating... time to reorganise priorities, I'd venture.

UPDATE:   Those violent, inebriated "Saskatchewan men"
REGINA - Christopher Pauchay, a Saskatchewan man whose drunken behaviour led to the freezing deaths of his two young daughters, Kaydance, 3, and Santana, 1, has served two-thirds of the nearly three-year sentence and was to be released from prison Tuesday.

The parole board noted Pauchay's long history of substance drug and alcohol abuse as well as a criminal record involving domestic violence.
Is there anything CTV might be glossing over here?


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Look, not my business, folks... but you might wanna ask the Hapsburgs about the end product of hundreds of years of inbreeding within a statistically limited gene pool. I will say, there are solid scientific reasons you don't continually marry people you're related to, over hundreds of years. Hell, maybe David Suzuki could explain it better.
It's time to join the 21st century... and I don't just mean swapping the travois for that sweet F150.