08 June 2013

Or, as the media used to call it...

...back in the Bush/Cheney day..."crimes against the people"...

"The president's comments signaled that he firmly embraces intelligence techniques he once viewed with skepticism."
Don't you dare imagine that the Celebrity-in-Chief is a liar... he's just more highly-evolved than the rest of us...
Mr. Obama suggested that his own thinking on the subject had EVOLVED since his days as a presidential candidate in 2008, when he criticized various steps taken by the George W. Bush administration to prevent terrorist attacks.
Good grief.


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...has some safeguards against abuse?
The five-member Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board was authorized by Congress in 2007 to monitor privacy and civil liberties throughout the U.S. government. But after lengthy delays by President Obama in nominating members -- and disputes over its membership -- the panel only officially came into existence last week when Medine was sworn in.

It has no website, has yet to move into its office in downtown Washington and has a staff of only two members assigned from other agencies, Medine said.