10 June 2013

If you build it... they will come...

...and come, and come, and...

•• TORONTO, Ont. •• The province’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is probing after a fatal shooting in Scarborough.

The incident involved a man being shot during a confrontation with Toronto police. It happened on Adanac [Canada spelled backwards, btw] Drive, near Eglinton Avenue and Bellamy Road, just before 6 p.m. Saturday.

Residents of the Toronto Community Housing Corp. building said they heard multiple shots.
Ah, yes... they're "probing" a "confrontation." Almost sounds like a medical procedure.

Wait a minute. Community housing, community housing... that sounds so familiar...
"Danzig Street is home to hundreds of people who live in community housing and were taking part in a street party."
"Street party?" More like a full-on firefight.

Remember how ex-Mayor David Miller used to talk about the "community" as though it was an investment?

Think again...
"Miller said the money will be enough to cover the work required for 25% of the community housing repair backlog. Toronto Community Housing has an estimated repair backlog of $300 million to $350 million."
Remember, that's your tax dollars that are building and maintaining this hotbed of civil unrest & outright criminality.


Anonymous said...

everyone will come when you give them free everything. no work and a subsistence living for sitting on your ass. then they have time to foment violence against those who are feeding, clothing and housing them. when Canada looks like the third world sh-t hole they came from they will be happy.

Neo Conservative said...

my parents emigrated from scotland. at one point we lived (parents & 5 kids) in a 2 bedroom apt.

never went near the welfare lines, though. now we have multi-generational families in "community" housing.

that's the difference.