02 June 2013

GLENDALE: Ancient aboriginal term for...

..."make it rain"...

The Da’naxda’xw (pronounced Da-NUK-dah) have been ruled for a generation by Bill Glendale, who is described as a “hereditary chief” in a 1987 band resolution signed by 21 members, and his wife, Anne. Both are 83.

They and their late son, Fred, have been the only council members since the resolution was passed [26 years ago]. The only other residents on the reserve are the Glendales’ children and grandchildren, numbering 17 in total.
You divvy up the governmental largesse, that amounts to $535,000.00 for each family member since 2001. Just a little something to consider while you ponder what diverse & wonderful things the government does with 50 percent of your wages.


Anonymous said...

"Da Nuk Da"
Any chance of startin' my own tribe?
Gimme-Big-Bucks has a nice ring to it

Neo Conservative said...

"anon asks... Any chance of startin' my own tribe?"

i don't see why not... apparently you can designate yourself aboriginal if you go to jail.