14 February 2013

Tiptoe through the journalistic tulips...

...with the Toronto "Red Star".

produced, appeared... those magical gunsRemember when people used to use the words "hard-hitting" and "journalism" in the same sentence? Apparently, now, it's all about sensitivity and understanding.
"St. Aubyn Rodney, just 15 years old, was hanging out with friends inside his Jane St. and Finch Ave.-area apartment when A GUN APPEARED and he was shot."
Oh my gawd, no wonder people are so upset about guns... apparently they can magically beam down (like Captain Kirk's landing party) outta nowhere and kill random bystanders.

Even the local police force, er... police service is willing to play this game...
“At some point A FIREARM WAS PRODUCED and the deceased young man was shot,” said Det. Mike Carbone. Det. Carbone, however, would not comment on whether the boy’s death could have been accidental, saying only that police believe anunlawful act” played a part in events.
An "UNLAWFUL ACT"! Say it isn't so. I guess that must have something to do with the rather ambiguous Hogwartian "PRODUCTION" of the gun.

Now, usually at this point in the article, the journalist inserts some argle-bargle about the deceased turning their life around and being on the verge of accomplishing bigger & better things. Unfortunately, in this case, the writer appears to have phoned it in...
"At one time, from what I understand, he was showing signs of heading in a positive direction," local school trustee Howard Kaplan said.

Of course, it's also mandatory to get some sympathetic quotes about the guy who pulled the trigger...
"My client is as upset as the victim’s family right now,” criminal defence lawyer Nicholas Charitsis said. “It sounds to me like SOMETHING OF AN ACCIDENT took place."
Hmmm, that's weird. Apparently the shooter didn't even phone 911, never mind stick around to explain the "accident"...
"Three people were taken into custody Monday after fleeing the scene."
Finally, no journalistic endeavor of this sort would be complete without a picture of the victim as a 10 year old...

bless the little childrenSeriously... was that really necessary? I mean, I already felt sorry for this guy when I (a) learned he was dead and (b) heard his street name was "Tubby".

Of course, we've seen this sort of thing before... the most blatant example of which has to be...
poor little omarYup... no manipulation here, huh?

Hmmm... how would that have worked back in the day?
sauce for the gooseWake up, folks... smell the propaganda.


"Not only was the firearm manufactured on the spot, but 'it' managed to shoot a dead man."
Professional journalists... your moral & intellectual superiors.